Living for the Street

Living for the Street

August 11, 2017

Let’s get started

As the realms of art dictate that there is never any rightful technique to making a true masterpiece. It is argued there is no right way nor technique for photography. This is all down to the fact that the creative approach to the medium may vary from one person to another. While those who are versed may find a good camera can aid their bettering of creating a ‘good’ image.

Modern day technology allows us to share and to upload photos across social media being viewed and displayed on hundreds, if not thousands of devices at a time. All this can be done by a single ‘click’ of a button. With this in mind and what was mentioned earlier allows classification and the uprise and affection for the ‘iPhone’ photographer. This is a rather sensitive topic and can be separately covered within another article.

Technology is never going to leave us and neither is the camera. Allowing us to capture those precise moments time after time is what defines its very being. However, just like the constant development in camera, the way in which we go about capturing these precious moments is as well. Media has much been developed by applications such as ‘Instagram’ twisting the content for in which is shared and created throughout social media.

With what has been said it leads us nicely to the creation of our modern-day street photography. Street photography these days within the Instagram community is much of a mix of both heights and unique angles from that of the most popular of places, made forever easier by drones.

A personal touch

For myself, personal encounters with my passion for street photography were never always a thing. This was true until I began getting interested in exploring the ‘explore’ tab on such applications such as Instagram. Scrolling through and being amazed by how creativity can turn simple and ordinary composition(photos, objects, locations) into amazing creations of pure genius from simplicity.

My personal favorite of this example can be highlighted by @mariussperlich on Instagram (above). The number of times we have all blown warm air into the mirror with this type of effect is countless -how did we not to think of twisting this and creating such an ambient effect out of this. Upon this, I reflect my point “no rightful technique to making a true masterpiece”.

All Hyped Up

The birth of the Hypebeast is something that is currently taking our feeds by storm. Such companies as Supreme, Palace, and Gucci are turning out pure works of Instagram feed art! With this in mind, the whole concept of wearing our clothes on a day to day basics goes out the window. For when, just wearing your freshly copped garment, can, in turn, devalue its resale prices dramatically. Hyped street wear is shaping the way in which we look at and take our photos. Simplicity is key and in turn, generates clean content. High fashion is making the whole thing possible by how we perceive and take in a photo, expanding and creating new users. Favoring the ‘iPhone’ user for quick, subtle and subjective shots taken anywhere anytime on the streets.

The comforts of the DSLR’s are put at risks by concepts such as the RED Hydrogen. Snapping up and displaying 4K cinema effect results from the handheld of your own phone. However, coming with a hefty price tag of serval thousand pounds the concept and proof are that of a dismissible effect for where the smartphone and camera industry is heading. This is something that will most defiantly be turning heads for creating cinema like effects from any user using it.

Read more about the RED Hydrogen HERE

Back to relevance. The street scene is one of the most developing genres of photography to date. The street scene each year sees many brands and designers from a collection, collaborations, and special releases develop iconic pieces that flaunt well on social accounts. Most recently the Supreme and Louis Vuitton drop grabbed a ton of affection with also the wrap of a Ferrari in the print. We most often see the hype by the popularity of the brand; other times is a co-sign from a celebrity or A-list. Either way, pieces sell out within minutes and in turn cause huge resell scares for the wider community. Street photography and clothing go hand in hand with the hype or this ordeal and allow many users to thrive of such success.


Photography is something that is constantly changing and moving in new directions. Whether you’re a ‘phone snapper’ or full on pro; the gear we use is developing at a rate for in which we can appreciate its full-on fullness. As well as this we have seen the development of social media change the way for in which we perceive and develop our shots adding extra angles on from the usual same old photo. Whilst fashion is allowing users to now exenterate their style mixing hand in hand with street photography for where brands decide the new face of your news feed.

Thanks for reading.


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